Outlier Polyamour Belt Review

Tactically subtle.

Guide to the Best Credit Cards in Japan 2020

Which is the best credit card in Japan? An opinionated guide.

Minaal Carry-on 2.0 Travel Backpack Review

Style, utility, performance, it has got it all.

Tortuga Prelude Daypack Review

A fully-featured budget daypack, but without a laptop sleeve and is not packable. Is it enough?

getAbstract Review

The best summary service for business-related content.

Blinkist Review

Blinkist is the best service for book summaries.

Why I Downgraded my Phone

Convenience is overrated.

So design Alt pen

A beautiful, professional pen for uncommon, sticky situations.

Wool&Prince Merino Wool Travel Zip Hoodie

The travel hoodie gets you ready for when the pandemic ends. Here’s to hoping.

Wool&Prince Travel Tee Review

Making a perfect travel t-shirt even more perfect for travel?

Aer Cardholder Review

Top notch craftsmanship with the Aer signature design flair.

How to Unfollow Everyone on Facebook

I unfollowed everyone on Facebook for better relationships.

Outlier F.Cloth Bigs Review

Wear it out or at home, it’ll hold up, both in durability and style.

Lady White Co. Track Shorts

Made for sports, equally awesome for lazy boys.

GORUCK I/O Cross Trainers

There are very few footwear that I would be okay wearing for every situation, and the GORUCK I/O Cross Trainers is one of them.

Lady White Co. Sport Trouser

Wear it from home to the mall and back.

Outlier Grid Linen Towel Review

The perfect towel for travel.

Guide to Investing while Living in Japan

Navigating the maze that is being an investor in Japan.

Able Carry Daybreaker Review

Light but deadly. My favorite day pack.

My Latest EDC (Updated Mar 13, 2020)

The always-updated list of my everyday carry.

Everlane Performance Jean

An affordable pair of denim that is uniform-worthy.

Everlane Performance Chino

Affordable, stylish, four-way stretch, one-year warranty. Nuff said.

Everlane Tread Trainer

A simple, affordable, uniform-worthy everyday sneakers.

Outlier Strongdarts

Strong with darts.

LOT Experience

A subscription service that’s made for me.

The Complete Suica Card Guide

The complete guide to easy transit.

Decluttering One Thing a Day

Many of us look at our hoard and sigh, there’s no way I’ll stop being a hoarder, let alone a minimalist. Decluttering can be exhausting just to even think about, but there’s an easy way to get started. But there’s an easy way to get started on your journey to a clutter-free life, that’s by […]

The True Cost of a Purchase

The cost of an item goes beyond the price on the tag.

No Buy Year

No Buy is a minimalism challenge to help kickstart your good habits.

Guide to Starbucks Japan

Get caffeinated in Japan.