When I started this blog 8 years ago, I just wanted to place to share my experiences. More recently, I've decided to get serious and focus on my efforts on reviewing products, so that like-minded individuals can be confident before they make a purchase.

Product Samples

Good gear costs money, we all know that. As much as I would like to purchase everything I review, that isn't a scalable way to continue writing long term.

While a good amount of the products I review are bought with my own money, I request samples from companies that carry products that I believe have the qualities I look for, in order to share with the rest of the community.

When these companies send me their products, it is under the condition that my review will be honest and that both the good and bad will be written about their products. You cannot pay for a favorable review on this site.


For many of the products introduced on this site, I get absolutely no commission even if you purchase them and share them because I truly think it will provide value to your life. But, there are some that give me a small kickback at no additional cost to you.

I spend hours and hours researching, taking photos and writing, and weeks testing each product. I pride myself on the fact that I only write about products that I personally try out and that my reviews are much more in-depth than a lot of the reviews out there.

The commission I receive don't even earn me a minimum wage for the time I spent, but I continue doing it because I enjoy it. In fact, up to this point, 100% of the earnings I get goes back into the blog, like photography gear, server cost or purchasing products for review.

With that said, don't buy something that isn't right for you. You should only buy things you need and that will elevate your adventures, not distract you or be a burden. This is the goal of this website and is also how I choose my gear and I wish the same for everyone.

Thank you again for reading.