Hello, I'm Alex, the founder and writer of this website.

This blog was around as long as 2011, but it was only in 2019 that I decided to seriously make something out of it. I wanted to provide value to readers making decisions on travel gear and experiences.

Unlike many travel blogs where comfort is often prioritized over style, I place a high importance on the way a piece of gear or garment looks.

This blog focuses on product and experience reviews. What makes this different from other websites?

Singular Point of View

This is unabashedly, a blog of my experiences and my opinions. I test every product and experience personally, over a long period to gather valuable insights for travelers to find their perfect gear. All reviews are written by me, which allows me to maintain quality and be impartial when comparing products.

Brutally Honest

All reviews are brutally honest, with the sole purpose of providing a truthful and insightful review to the reader. As a brand that decides to work with me, you are a brand that has the maturity to be willing to continuously improve your products.

No Compromise

I would never accept money to write favorably about any product or service. This blog is not a source of income I have to depend on and this is by design. I never want a situation where I compromise on quality or honesty to make the numbers. The blog exists for the benefit of readers to gain insights that will help their decisions for travel.

Focused Audience

This website does not aim to have as many readers as possible, but rather, for readers to be as engaged as possible. This usually means lesser views, but higher loyalty.

Sold? Here's how you can work with me.

Product Review

Do you have a product you need a review for? You can send it to me for a review. If your product doesn’t possess the 3Bs (black, beautiful, badass), it might not be accepted.

Here are a few things to note when you want to do this.

  • You would be responsible for all costs incurred to deliver it to me, such as import taxes or shipping fees. The product will not be returned.
  • Only black products will be reviewed. If you send in home goods, you must also have and provide a white/light gray version.
  • You are free to reuse all photos and content produced for this review for marketing purposes without restrictions. The only condition is that you don't use them out of context.
  • Sending a product does not guarantee a favorable review. It does ensure an honest one.
  • Due to the amount of gear waiting to be reviewed as well as the time it takes to thoroughly test each product, I cannot guarantee when the review can be published. The lead time right now is about two months from when the product is received.

Experience Review

Got an experience you would like me to review? I would provide valuable insights and help you to change the experience to something travelers want. Experiences could be anything from tours to accommodation to attractions. Here are a few things to note when you want to do this.

  • All expenses would have to be paid for. This includes costs like transport, accommodation, and daily expenses.
  • This does not guarantee a favorable review. It does ensure an honest one.


  • accept sponsored/guest posts
  • accept compensated review requests
  • answer questions about products featured on this site via email; such emails will be ignored. The best way to get my advice is to leave a comment in the respective review.

Ready to work with me?
Reach me at hello [at] alexkwa [dot] com and let's discuss.