A common misconception of minimalists is that they dislike things. People think that minimalists want to own almost nothing and that the point of minimalism is to get rid of all material possessions.

On the contrary, I believe that minimalists like things more than non-minimalists.

There isn't anything inherently wrong with owning things. Minimalism isn't about living with the absolute minimum, but about owning just enough. Things are a necessary part of our lives, otherwise doing simple things would be much harder than they have to be.

The problem is that we amass material possessions without thinking, and instead of bringing us value, they become a burden. So, while getting rid of excess is part of the journey, choosing the right things is an important step.

Because minimalists have so few things, they have to be more deliberate and conscious of which to acquire.

I'm one of those minimalists who love things.

I'm Alex Kwa, a Singaporean designer living in Japan since 2014. While I've had this website for many years now, it was only in 2019 that I started using it as a platform for me to share products that deserves a spot among the select few and how to make purchase decisions more consciously, and more deliberately.

I believe that things worth keeping should be beautiful, long-lasting and reasonably priced. A lot of these things are designed with travel in mind. If it works well during travel, chances are that it'll work in your daily life.

To reduce the number of decisions I have to make, I also wear only black. Naturally, almost all the products reviewed on this website are black.

My favorite brands

Check out in-depth reviews of products from a few of my favorite brands. These are the brands that I was wearing before I started writing reviews. They have consistently impressed me and earned a spot in my wardrobe and my heart.


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I never recommend anything that I don't use and love myself. While I am an affiliate for some products and services, this website exists for the sole purpose of providing value to you. This is not the main source of income and this is by design. This is so that I never have to compromise your trust to make numbers.

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