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I spent two weeks in Danang, Vietnam and here is my packing list and I think it's perfect as a packing list for Vietnam in December. I brought along quite a bit of non-essentials since I wanted to test them on my trip. Check out my packing list guide if you want to learn how I approach packing.

The total weight came up to 13kg and was told at the check-in counter I had to reduce the weight or pay for baggage check-in as it was a budget flight. I employed my usual “travel hack” was able to stuff about 4.1kg worth of stuff into my Outlier Ecstasy in the Rain jacket and passed the carry-on weight at 7.9kg.

Since I didn't have much real estate to lay everything out, I left some of the stuff in the respective packs.

My packing list for Vietnam in December
You'll notice that most of my stuff is black. That's because I only wear black and write reviews on products that are black in color.


I wanted to test the Ecstasy in the Rain (EITR) in a hotter climate, but I ended up defaulting to the Libertad Travel Shirt instead. Since the shirt isn't water-resistant, I did use the EITR during a light shower once.


I definitely picked the perfect pair of pants for this trip.

Libertad Travel Shirt, Western Rise Evolution Pants, TOM BIHN Packing Cube Shoulder Bag on world-famous MyKhe Beach in Danang.

Footwear and Socks

Made a day trip to the nearby Hoi An. In the Oliver Peoples Sheldrake, Libertad Travel Shirt, Normal Timepieces Tokiji Watch and Xero Shoes Z-Trail.

Bags, Packing Cubes, Pouches, Covers

Since I intended to overpack for a more comfortable trip, the GR2 was the right choice and didn't give me any trouble at check-in. The Vietnamese aren't too sticky about rules.

Electronics and Accessories

My remote working setup, with the MOFT Laptop Stand in one of my favorite cafes in Danang, Cafe Maison Alnam. This was before my check-in timing, so have my GORUCK GR2 with me.

Everyday Carry

I didn't really change the stuff I carry when I'm not traveling.

Essential Non-Essentials

Some people might do without these, but I absolutely could not.

Ate at the most famous bánh xèo place in Danang, Bánh Xèo Bà Dưỡng. My Snow Peak Spork was a lifesaver for a germaphobe like me.


I say non-essentials because I could probably survive without bringing them along, but they were definitely welcomed additions on this trip.

That's all. I hope my insights helped you prepare your packing list for Vietnam in December. You might also wanna check out my packing list for Karuizawa and Okinawa.

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