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Maybe just about a year ago, going on a 10-day trip would have meant lugging around a medium-sized roller suitcase with at least 5 sets of clothes and change of footwear, hats, accessories that I didn't need. That was just how I packed. Learning about minimalism got me thinking about the amount of things I think I need versus what I really do.

Contrary to what one might think, minimalism is not about having nothing, but having exactly what is enough. No more or less. That could sometimes mean traveling with nothing, or to some, it might be travelling with that medium-sized roller suitcase. For me, it was a careful selection of everything I need and love that would make my trip a comfortable but light one. The things I bring should make my trip better, instead of weighing me down.


I am including the brands so you can find one should you like them. And so you can make fun of how much of a fuccboi and brandwhore I am (Yes, I like the brand Supreme).

After checking the week's forecast, wet weather items were essential given that I brought only the bare minimum amount of clothes. Another way to reduce the things you bring is to try and plan to share certain items like chargers and sunscreen lotion.


  • IGNOBLE Lenore Capsule Backpack, which was water-resistant but not waterproof.
  • Supreme Sealline Nimbus Dry Sack 20L from SS16, to put all my stuff in since I wanted to bring the minimum amount of clothes I could, I could not risk getting them wet.


  • 3 Supreme Hanes Underwear
    As the item of clothing that you have to change everyday, I would not want to risk with just two and have to clean them every night despite how tired I was.
  • Supreme Hanes Black T-Shirt
  • Supreme Marathon Box Logo Tank Top from SS14.
  • Supreme Water Banner Shorts from SS16
  • Outlier New Way Shorts
    These were actually made to go into the water, but like the case with the underwear, I did not want worry if it would dry or not.
  • KEEN Uneek Sandals Black/Black
    These are one of the most versatile piece of footwear I own. I literally wear them through every season. Even winter!

Weather Stuff

  • United Arrows Handkerchief
    Okinawa is one of the hottest places in Japan during the summer and you are going to be drenched even without taking a deep in the beautiful waters.
  • maharishi Bamdazzle Umbrella
    It was gonna rain throughout the week and it would probably be too hot and humid for a jacket.
  • Porter x Oliver's People Sunglasses in Porter Sunglasses Case
  • Supreme Tiger Camo Cap in Olive from SS16 (Not Pictured)
  • Sunscreen (Brought by travel companion)


  • iPad 2 with a bunch of Murakami and horror mangas (Currently reading Dragonhead and Fuan no Tane). Leather case is from Hardgraft.
  • iPhone 6S
  • Leica X1 Camera
  • McGizmo Haiku
    Would probably want to go exploring by the beach at night.


  • APC Dopp Kit
  • Toner & Moisturizer (Not pictured)
  • Moyo Toothbrush
  • Kyoku for Men Facewash
  • Gatsby Face Wipes
  • Supreme Box Logo Beach Towel from SS14
    For lying down on the hot sand and hostel showers.
  • Washing Detergent in used kimchi container

This is how it looks all packed with the stuff on the right that I will be wearing to the airport. It might seem like a lot to some but it is a great reduction from what I am usually used to. Expect posts about Okinawa soon!

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