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Cheaper than any hotel deal you will find.

Security attacked by 12 Chineses at Supreme Shibuya

When the craze for Supreme get out of hand.

I Ate Ramen with Whipped Cream

Technically Tsukemen. Tokita in Yoyogi.

Kilo Shop, Gakugei Daigaku

Thrift store where prices are determined by weight.

How to Take JLPT in Japan

And how to see your results.

Best Neighborhood to Stay in Tokyo

With pros and cons of each.

Restaurant Popeye, Yoyogi

Mom and Pop’s diner that feels like home.

Himitsu Do

The best Kakigori in Tokyo.

Ramen Jiro, Shinjuku

My journey to be a “jiro-rian”.

The Best Tonkatsu in Shinjuku

My favorite Tonkatsu place

Jajang House, Shin-Okubo

Get your jajangmyeon fix in Tokyo’s Koreatown.

Yamamoto Inten

Getting a hanko from possibly the most famous inten in Japan.

Ikinari Steak

Huge steaks at good value.

The Art Of Ikizukuri

Food that moves.

Starbucks Banana Frappuccinos Craze In Japan

Japan’s going bananas for these Fraps.

Hashiya, Ningyocho

Ultimate unison of price and taste.

Curry Up, Harajuku

For every hungry Bapehead out there.

Taimeiken, Tokyo

Haven for omurice lovers.

Fukuyoshi, Harajuku

Just good Tonkatsu.

Kanamara Festival 2014

Be a dick-worshipping dick head just for a day.

Sarto, Ginza

Premium denim repair and more.

FELLOWS The Burger Stand

The best bacon cheeseburger in Tokyo.

Repairing a Pure Blue Japan Jeans

Repairing a crotch blowout, the right way.

The Original Fortune Cat

Getting a Maneki Neko from its origin.

Best Pizza in Tokyo

Pizzeria e trattoria da ISA

Koshi-Tantan, Shibuya

My favourite izakaya in Tokyo.

Tokyo to Hokkaido on Train

Exhaustion from nothing for 10 hours.

AKB48 Cafe, Akihabara

Get brainwashed with overwhelming cuteness.

Wild One, Dogenzaka

Let your desires run wild.