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On 9th of March 2018, at about 4pm, a day before the launch of the Supreme x NBA collaboration, a group of Chinese customers who were queuing used weapons, like a folding chair and umbrella, to attack the a security personnel. From the video, there looks to be about 12 Chinese, 2 to 3 of whom were doing most of the attacking against 1 security personnel, who was soon backed up by 2 more.

Here is a video posted by a witness.

Here is another angle of the incident.

And one more from across the road.

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What caused the attack?

For Supreme Japan, customers under the age of 20 (considered underaged in legal terms) are not allowed to queue overnight. To enforce this, the security will ask to see the ID of each of them in the queue. They will even ask for details, like your birthday, to make sure you are not using someone else's ID. Another rule to join the Supreme queue, is that you have to wear some Supreme clothing. This is to reduce the possibility of someone queuing up just to get the items for resale. In fact, just wearing a Supreme box logo cap (or their Hanes underwear) is not enough, it has to be substantial enough like a coat or jacket for them to be sure you are truly going to wear what you purchase.

So it seemed that some of the members of the group were not in Supreme gear and was deemed as possible resellers, while some others in the group did not know about the ID check rule and did not have their ID with them, so they had went to the their car to retrieve it. But upon returning, they were not allowed back into the queue. That was when the trouble begun.

By the way, the security personnel are from a security company called BONDS and are the same guys who manage the crowd every week. Many of the witnesses also noted that the attackers spoke really good Japanese and seemed likely they were raised in Japan, rather than tourists or exchange students, which makes it even more surprising given how peaceful the country is.

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From the videos, you can hear one of the attackers shouting “the problem is your attitude” and “you guys first said to come on and try if you can”, which leads me to believe that the security personnel had been cocky and displayed a bad attitude to begin with. But this, of course, isn't a good reason for violence of any kind. This is also, frankly, to be expected, given the poor customer service of the hyped brand.

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The next video also showed that the security personnel tried to fight back, which didn't help matters seeing there were way more opponents.

It was also reported that after the brawl, many police officers arrived to the scene to mediate the matter between the security and the attackers, with a possibility of charges to be pressed for assault.

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