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Just a short walk from Naka-meguro station, I just had to try what TimeOut claims is the best pizza in Tokyo. Pizzaiolo Hisanori Yamamoto, who picked up a string of trophies in Naples on his way to opening his own shop, has a store so popular, even the store assistant at Pure Blue Japan knows about it.

After parking illegally at the convenience store a few doors down, we managed to get a seat outside without having a reservation, even though I heard it gets incredibly busy, even on weekdays. The casual-looking diner with closely-wedged tables are filled with rich-looking people for some reason.

The menu was a little vague with the lack of photos but we just asked for a recommendation, which is their Margherita pizza and chose a seafood pizza. The pizza, was awesome. I've ate quite a fair bit of pizza in my life, but nothing comes close to the pizzas here. With chilli oil by the table, the pizza tasted really unhealthy, but yet I just couldn't stop. We ordered another Margherita immediately after finishing the first one. The prices are pretty reasonable as well.

The place is by no means a romantic place to bring a first date, but its a real treat for foodies to enjoy the best pizza in Tokyo.

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EDIT: Revisited in October 2018. Still as good.

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