NOMAD Bifold Wallet Review

A maximum storage option without losing form and style.

Butter Pat Heather Review

A revival of a 100-year-old cast iron technique.

Airinum Air Mask Lite Review

A lighter way to stay safe while looking good.

Stanley Classic Trigger Action Travel Mug Review

The leak-proof, temperature-regulating Stanley travel mug is a bombproof option to sit on your desk.

Stanley Adventure Flask Review

A flask made for adventure.

NOMAD Carbon Carabiner Lightning Cable Review

A carabiner that stands on its own.

Aer Cable Kit 2 Review

Aer’s signature sleekness and thoughtful organization shines through.

AusAir AirFlex Mask Review

Maximum filtration, with style.

Aer Slim Pouch Review

Slim but mean.

Wool&Prince Neck Gaiter Review

A gaiter that does the job while looking good.

NOMAD Leather Mousepad Review

Details Price $59.95 on Dimensions 12.59″ width x 9.48″ height x 0.098″ thickness Overview Even in the years leading up to the pandemic, office work has begun to see a shift—shifting out of the office, to be exact. Timothy Ferriss, in his book “The 4-Hour Workweek“, was one of the key influence to me […]

NOMAD Slim Wallet Review

The NOMAD Slim Wallet is a small form factor wallet that looks better with time.

Satechi 100W USB-C PD Compact GaN Charger Review

Productivity meets style, indeed.

Outlier Mask 001 Ultrasuede Snaptight Review

Protest-ready, bank robber gear.

Nitecore TINI 2 Review

Packing a punch in a compact package.

Outlier Ultracharge Mag Bandana Review

Warmth without sacrifice to breathability.

Outlier Mask 004 Review

A mask that is so premium and so “Outlier”.

Minaal Toolcase Review

A compact case for your tools on the go.

GRAYL GEOPRESS Purifier Review

No more buying bottled water.

TiGr mini Ulock Review Review

A timeless, classic, indestructible bicycle lock.

Outlier Supermarine Doublebag Review

For those who care about aesthetics underneath the surface.

ensso PIUMA Minimalist Fountain Pen Review

Ultra minimalist, heavyweight pen.

Western Rise StrongCore Merino Face Mask Review

A mask that repels bacteria from your face.

Aer Dopp Kit Review

Aer’s sense of design and quality shines through, even in a smaller package.

SEAGALE Ultralight Cap Review

Unparalleled light weight and stretch.

So design Alt pen

A beautiful, professional pen for uncommon, sticky situations.

Aer Travel Kit Review

Your reliable, overwhelmingly stylish, travel companion.

Aer Cardholder Review

Top notch craftsmanship with the Aer signature design flair.

Matador Camera Base Layer Review

Keep your camera protected, in or out of your pack.