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  • Price $60 at
  • Material FKM fluoroelastomer rubber
  • Weight 1 oz / 22 g (measured)


Who likes a long review for something as simple as an Apple Watch band? Well, I am going to try and keep this one short. After all, a solid product that does a single thing should need an article that is thousands of words.

This band comes from NOMAD, a purveyor of sleek Apple-centric gear. I have most of NOMAD's products so I know the level of quality I've come to expect and you can too.

I held out on buying the Apple Watch hype for ages. I do have a used Apple Watch Series 1 that a friend gave me after I helped with some design. I handed it around to my family for a couple of years before getting it back because I wanted to track my activity.

It was gold with a blue strap when I got it and I knew I just couldn't enjoy those colors. I decided to accessorize it with a case and a strap from Daiso. Honestly, I didn't have many problems with the basic setup. But NOMAD's products are nowhere near basic and I was excited to try the 40-41mm version.


There is a reason why NOMAD is one of my favorite brands. It feels designed just for me. The ribbed look of the ventilation channels, coupled with the matte black texture elevates the OG series watch. The look is distinct, yet understated, perfect for workouts.

The angular edges and shape of the strap give it a masculine vibe. The black hardware is a beautiful touch. It's frankly amazing how they managed to keep the color and texture of the hardware so close to that of the strap.

On the wrist side of the hardware, there's a NOMAD logo. I am quite averse to branding on products. I find no reason why I need to advertise a brand if I already paid money for their products. There is just something about the way that NOMAD displays their logo—always subtle and tasteful.

There is also a small indented indication of the size, at the top of the band.

I'm impressed by how much a strap can elevate a watch and the difference can certainly be felt coming from a dollar strap from Daiso.


I got the 40-41mm version and while it is usable for the 42mm frame of the series 1, it doesn't completely fill the slot. There isn't any practical impact on the fit and aesthetics. The watch and the strap are a match in heaven.

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Coming from a cheap strap made to work for as many wrist sizes as possible, the NOMAD Sports Band felt a lot shorter. It fits my wrist, which is approximately 7 inches in diameter, well at the fourth hole from the end. I am still able to tuck the end of the strap into the hole.

If you have a larger wrist than I do, you will not be able to tuck the strap if you are latched on the second or last hole. Thankfully, the strap stays pretty flat even without tucking it in.

I wear the watch six days a week to the gym and as someone who sweats a lot, the strap helps a lot with clammy wrists although does not eliminate it completely.

While the strap and the aluminum pin are waterproof, it doesn't matter to me since the Apple Watch Series 1 isn't. This might be useful for Apple Watch Ultra users which can be worn during recreational scuba diving up to 130 feet (40 meters) and other activities like swimming, showering, and water skiing.


$60 isn't cheap for a sports band, even more than the $49 one from Apple. But NOMAD's watch is one of the best-looking ones I've seen. If you wear an Apple Watch to work out daily, I think $60 is worth it.

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