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  • Price $785.90 on Amazon
  • Assembled in Japan
  • Glass Sapphire Crystal
  • Water Resistance 20 bar
  • Weight 111 g
  • Case Dimensions 51.9 × 50.9 × 12.1 mm


When I picked up the G-Shock GA2100 a while ago, I thought I had scratched my G-Shock itch, at least for a while. But little did I know, it was the start of an obsession I couldn't control.

I started looking for the next best thing and quickly upgraded to the G-SHOCK GBX100 which filled a spot in my obsessive watch organization, and that still wasn't enough.

This time, I've landed on the MTG-B3000, I feel like I can take a breather before wanting to upgrade it again. There are tiers I could go up to like the premium MR-G models, but the price is a natural deterrent. The MT-G line is just one step below the top-tier MR-G line, but no less luxurious.

The exact model I have for this review is the Casio MTG-B3000B-1AJF, where JF refers to the Japan market model.

Whether I was working from home or traveling around South Korea, the watch did not leave my wrist for two months. Read on to find out how that went.


This watch is a thing of beauty; the aesthetic was what drew me to it in the first place. It comes in purple, green, and black colorways. Easy choice for someone obsessed with only black products.

The metal bezel is the main point of elevation that makes the watch look premium; dressy enough for a wedding or black-tie event. The watch has quite a slim and elegant profile, measuring just 12.1 mm from bezel to case back. The style and size reduce the rugged look that most G-Shocks have.

While possible, the MTG-B3000 would not be my first choice for strenuous activities like workouts, especially when I have alternatives like the G-SHOCK GBX100.

On hand, the watch's face is as beautiful as the photos. The metallic surface of the watch face and bezels, and the screws and grooves give it a mech feel. Even the G-Shock logo and the indented labels by each button add to the cohesive look. The MT-G logo is in high-reflective material, making it stand out without disrupting the consistent look.

While the entire watch is black metal, there are some grey and white accents like the numbers and date indicator.

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Despite there being quite a bit going on on the watch face, the right selection of materials brings it all together.

However, there are a few parts that bring the premium down. On the strap, there is a uniform pattern that makes it look a little cheap. The worst part is probably the watch band that looks neither plastic nor metal.


MT-G, which stands for Metal Twisted G-Shock, all incorporate a core guard structure. It is a box-shaped frame in which a bezel, case back, and the band are securely connected by screws. This structure allows shocks to be absorbed by the exterior, instead of the core.

Apart from the structure, MT-G carries all the latest G-Shock technology.

The watch crystal is a high-transparency sapphire crystal, the material used on high-end luxury watches.

You can also adjust your watch through Bluetooth and Casio's app. If you are in Japan, North America, UK, Europe, or China, time is automatically corrected via 6 transmission stations worldwide with Multi Band 6.

And last but not least is the feature that is my requirement for future G-Shocks, Tough Solar technology that charges your watch with the sun. Never have to worry about battery changes again.


The watch is relatively easy to use. There are no surprises with the operation, made infinitely easier with Bluetooth.

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Pressing the top-left button will show you the battery level via the hand that is pointing at the day of the week. Even a full day in the light sun would not raise it by a level although it is sometimes fun to check in. But it did get charged to the maximum in the searing sun of Jeju Island.

The bottom left button lets you change the mode between stopwatch, timer, alarm, and back to the clock. When going from alarm to clock, it is satisfying to see the hand spin back to the second timezone.

Although I seldom use the stopwatch feature, switching to it will move the second hand to the 12 o'clock mark, and pressing the start button will start it. You press the top right (start) button again to stop it, and the bottom right (reset) button to restart the stopwatch.

I expected that tapping the reset button while the stopwatch is running would stop it. It does, but you would not be able to resume it with either the start or reset button. You need to press start repeatedly till it registers it as a stop to be able to reset it.

While the watch face aesthetics is on point, the amalgamation of metal and shimmery parts does make it hard to tell the time at a glance. I find myself trying to locate the hour and minute hands.

Pressing the top right button, the white illumination comes from the bottom right where the date is, and would only come on in watch mode. This can be a little irritating when you find yourself in other modes (and not being to spot it in the dark) and wondering why the illumination won't come on.

The durability of the watch, given the metal case and sapphire glass, can be expected to surpass mid-tier G-Shocks. I certainly put it through all sorts of abuse. Best of all, you can simply just scrub it with hand soap to give it a good cleaning at the end of a grimy day.

While the metal case is beautiful and durable, I find myself taking the watch off when working on my laptop. You can feel the watch, although the culprit is mostly the metal watch band loop, scratching up against your overpriced Apple laptop, something you won't get with plastic G-Shocks like the Casio G-Shock GA2100.

There is a pattern on the back of the watch that gets imprinted on your wrist after a long day with it on. I don't mind it but some might.

Last but not least, the watch band loop is way too big. I get that the band is relatively thick, but the loop still wiggles in place. It would be perfect if it was just a tinge tighter.

Watch band loop is too loose.


G-Shocks are world-renowned for being a symbol of durability. Most would not expect that they can do it in style. The MTG-B3000 beautifully showcases this. While the price is much higher than most G-Shocks, given the quality materials and make, I actually find it to be much more worth it than luxury watches.

There are some more nitpicks like the watch band material and loop, but this can get easily switched out with after-market parts for cheap on sites like AliExpress. I highly recommend this for anyone looking for a dressier watch.

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