The Best Fried Chicken in Korea

Finger licking good Chimaek.

The Best Gimbap in Itaewon, Seoul

Otto Gimbap for breakfast in Itaewon.

The Best Café in Seoul

Seoul Coffee in Ikseon-dong

Ando Café, Itaewon

Best and priciest coffee in Itaewon.

Sendai Ya, Shibuya

Big meals at great value.

The Best Curry Shops in Japan

As determined by the Japanese.

Restaurant Popeye, Yoyogi

Mom and Pop’s diner that feels like home.

Iseya Shokudo, Okubo

Soul food tucked away in a market.

All You Can Eat Sushi, Tokyo

Kappa Sushi limited campaign.

Himitsu Do

The best Kakigori in Tokyo.

Pork Tamago Onigiri Main Shop Katsu Kitchen, Okinawa

Okinawan soul food at its simplest.

Gordie’s Hamburger

Burgers for Americans.

Tasokare Coffee, Naha

A place to slow down in Naha.

Ramen Jiro, Shinjuku

My journey to be a “jiro-rian”.

The Best Tonkatsu in Shinjuku

My favorite Tonkatsu place

Jajang House, Shin-Okubo

Get your jajangmyeon fix in Tokyo’s Koreatown.

Ikinari Steak

Huge steaks at good value.

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3-Second Ebi Fry

Cook in just seconds.

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The Art Of Kaiseki

Dishes that are beautiful to eat.

Amazing Fried Chicken Keyboard

Finger-typing good.

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How To Eat Sushi

Sushi Master Naomichi Yasuda teaches you the right way.

The Art Of Ikizukuri

Food that moves.

Starbucks Banana Frappuccinos Craze In Japan

Japan’s going bananas for these Fraps.

Hashiya, Ningyocho

Ultimate unison of price and taste.

Curry Up, Harajuku

For every hungry Bapehead out there.

Taimeiken, Tokyo

Haven for omurice lovers.

Fukuyoshi, Harajuku

Just good Tonkatsu.