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I love eggs. I eat eggs with almost every meal. I would gladly add ¥150 to top up my sashimi don with a soft boiled egg or add a ¥200 fried egg to my bacon cheese burger. Tamagoyaki, sunny-side up, raw with rice and soy sauce, I like them all in all combinations you could think of. But the favorite of the lot is the egg sandwich. Not the ones with egg mayonnaise, but the ones with the thick wad of omelette that I've only seen in Japan.

To be honest, this dish is foreign to me until I moved here. Even after living in Japan for 3 years, I have to say that it is not all that common. And when you do find a cafe that serves them, they are often sub par in taste. It was until my recent trip to Kyoto that helped me remember why I had such a passion for the simple egg sandwich.

SONGBIRD DESIGN STORE is not just a coffee shop, but a design shop selling all sorts of goods and furniture. But, that is not what we are here for. Apart from the coffee, which was decent, they have basically two food items on their menu, the curry and egg sandwich. They also some sweets like pancake and parfaits. It was about 3pm and I wanted to try this so badly before I head back to Tokyo that evening that I made a detour out of my route of travel. The location is rather hard to get to and I had to take a bus as there wasn't a train station near by.

The cafe itself was quiet and there was not many customers at that time. I immediately ordered the egg sandwich without much thought as I had seen some photos and reviews online. It took sometime before it came, but it was a sight to behold. The thick fluffy egg between two buttered toast was more than Instagram worthy. The taste did not disappoint. Getting the taste right in eggs really only involves getting the seasoning right and the texture is based on the way it was prepared as well as the addition of cream or milk. The egg sandwich at SONGBIRD cafe nailed it. The feeling of engulfing an entire mouthful was this egg sandwich was indescribable. Even though I was full from the big lunch and all the snacks, I wolfed this down within minutes.

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