Project Scissors: NightCry

From the creator of my favourite horror classic.

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3-Second Ebi Fry

Cook in just seconds.

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Behind Visvim

Go behind the scenes with Hiroki Nakamura.

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The Art Of Kaiseki

Dishes that are beautiful to eat.

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The Best Japanese Dance Mix

A compilation of the best Japanese dances.

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World Order Takes London

Japanese street dance and music group shows London their moves.

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OK Go Didn’t Let Me Down

Their latest sensational video has lots of umbrellas-wielding Japanese schoolgirls.

Amazing Fried Chicken Keyboard

Finger-typing good.

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How To Eat Sushi

Sushi Master Naomichi Yasuda teaches you the right way.

Nendo Chopsticks

Chopsticks that don’t just fit your hands.

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Real Time Make Up Face Projection

The face of endless possibilities.

10 Japanese Terms You Never Heard Of

You won’t find these in a dictionary.

Sex Dolls By Orient Industries

Your hyper-realistic object of affection.

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Everything you love about it.

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Leica Store Kyoto

Showing Kyoto through Leica.

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The Art Of Yosegi-zaiku

Beautifully handmade parquetry.

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Samurai Soccer Trickery

Dazzling skills, the samurai way.

Ways To Reuse Tissue Boxes

How the Japanese reuse tissue boxes

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Akira Tamaki’s Baracuta Collection

See an archive of a classic.

Hello Kitty Used Everywhere

Your favourite cat is a slut.

3 Fencers Versus 50

Watch master fencers fight 50 opponents at once.

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The $2000 Tasting Menu

The world’s most expensive menu.

Guide To Choosing A Travel Bag

As recommended by the Japanese.

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A Visit To Tricker’s

180 years of history.

Street View of Gunkanjima

Google maps out an abandoned Ghost Island

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My Schoolgirl Fantasy

50 year-old grandpa in a school girl outfit? They love it!