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If you think Korean idols dance well, wait till you see the Japanese. Not only are they one when it comes to synchronisation, but the edge they have above all other form of dance is their creativity. Their choreography are usually out of this world and usually surprising.

The first video is of Kenichi Ebina on America's Got Talent displaying his robotic-style dance-ish performance.

The second video is by Team Black Starz dancing splendidly to the Evangelion theme song. The energy level is over 9000!!!

The third one is one of my personal favourites. Sudo Genki has a series of these music videos showing off their perfectly synchronised dance routine. It's hard not to be amazed at this one.

Number 4 is a contemporary dance that's not unlike the ones you see on the Uniqlo screensaver. It's odd but strangely hypnotising at the same time.

Last but not least, the amazing light up tron performance from Japan's Wrecking Crew Orchestra. This one I don't have to upsell.

As you can see, its amount of creativity and effort that made each of these dances successful. Enjoy!!

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