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Here are some brilliant tips shared by the Japanese as collected by Naver Japan. While some of them are common sense tips, some of them are pretty helpful to a traveller like me.

Choose your carry bag base on the type of holiday.

  • If you are staying in the same hotel your entire trip, bring a carry bag along side your suitcase. Remember that a large suitcase won't fit most lockers at stations.
  • Exercise trial and error to get the best position and setup with your backpack. About 10-15kg is a good weight.
  • For trips that would require a lot of moving around, consider the quality and make of your suitcase.

Choose your carry bag base on your length of stay.

  • For trips that are 2-3 days long, a small-sized bag under 69 litres is ideal.
  • For trips under 1 week, a medium-sized suitcase about 70-89 litres capacity is recommended.
  • For trips longer than the above, go for light-weight suitcase with many pockets.

Choose your carry bag based on your own size.

  • For girls, you want to choose a small-sized bag at about 40 litres. With all your shopping included, a bag at about 60 litres shouldn't be a problem. Aim for a total weight of about 3-5kg

Choose your bag base on activity.

  • For walking an entire day, a rucksack is most suitable. Anything less, a shoulder bag is acceptable.
  • It's easy for rucksacks to be unzip or cut open if worn the normal way. Wearing it in front instead will make it safer during some instances.
  • As it's easy for shoulder bags to be snatched, tuck it under your armpits “like a kimono”.

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Luggage Weight Checker

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