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  • Material 94% Cotton, 6% Elastane


In a similar space to Outlier and SEAGALE, ISAORA is a relatively unknown brand, but no less superior when it comes to technical performance fabrics compared to its counterparts.

Founded in 2008, this New York brand flawlessly combines technical performance and high style, the two factors that I obsess about when I travel. You want your clothes to not only look good, but help fuel your adventures.

I had a chance to review one of their staples, the long-sleeved version of the Perfect Tee, and with experience with their Zen Shorts under my belt, I took the Perfect Tee on a series of outdoor adventures to see how well it fares.


Like most of ISAORA's offerings, the Perfect Tee carries the same design sensibilities, that straddles the border between technical athleticism and street savviness.

Pictured with ISAORA Training Shorts, Xero Shoes Z-Trek and STNGR Sunglasses

The cutting, material, complete with the reflective prints throughout is a dead giveaway that this tee a piece of stylish activewear.

There is a huge reflective ISAORA wordmark on the upper part of both sleeves and a logo mark on the end of the left sleeve.

On the back, there are also two short reflective strips, supposedly to keep you visible on night runs.

All over the tee, there are mesh-like parts to ensure airflow. I like how they manage to keep the aesthetics very techwear like yet be able to provide such functionality.

The tee has a shaped back hem and an articulated sleeve that clearly sets this tee apart to outperform the rest as the go-to tee for any active pursuits.

As it has been designed for the specific category, the Perfect Tee isn't really suitable for a normal day out, so for travelers, it would be something extra instead of a versatile piece of clothing that you might be looking for.

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Pictured with ISAORA Training Shorts and Xero Shoes Z-Trek.

If you choose to roll up the sleeves, which I usually do, it could maybe pass for a casual top.


The material of the tee is made of 94% long-staple cotton and 6% high-quality elastane, put together by Swiss knitting technology and pieced together with super clean taped seams.

Slow jog in the countryside.

I found the stretch to be just right for sportswear and the material to be pretty good at moisture wicking. There are pores all over the fabric which helps dissipates the sweat.


As a piece of activewear, this tee is super functional and stylish. I'll be honest, I usually don't care about how I look when I work out. I'm usually sweating, panting, half-dead on the ground at times, so I don't think about looking good. So, I'm happy with just any plain old t-shirt.

When I work out, regardless of the weather, I'm usually in a short sleeve t-shirt, usually something generic like the UNIQLO Supima t-shirt. But, even though the Perfect Tee was long-sleeved, I didn't feel warm because of the airflow design throughout the fabric.

But, since I like rolling up the sleeves while working out, and the fabric was able to bunch up nicely at my elbows and stayed up thanks to the elastane.


This is a super stylish piece of activewear that is totally in line with my kind of aesthetics. Although, if I had a choice, I would prefer it with no branding and a little more versatile so I can wear it when not working out as well.

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