Finn HighTail Review

A high-performing, ultra-durable sunglasses for riders.

Trangia T-Spoon Review

Ultralight, ultra affordable way to BYO cutlery.

Stanley Classic Legendary Bottle Review

A bottle that can be used to fight off a bear.

Aer 3-Way Face Mask Review

A stylish, high-quality mask with a refined fit.

TOM BIHN Shop Bag Review

For quick runs to the bodega.

Aer Tech Folio Review

Protects overpriced laptops and look good doing it.

Caldera + Lab Regime Review

The trinity of man’s skincare that should be every dopp kit.

Quad Lock Review

The locking system that won’t let you or your phone down.

Tortuga Outbreaker Daypack Review

Ultralight, ultra-sleek, ultra crinkly.

Aer City Pack Review

A purpose-driven design for the city slicker

Outlier Futurecargoshorts Review

If you must wear cargo shorts, wear this one.


A beast of a bag. The largest travel backpack I own.

Tortuga Outbreaker Laptop Backpack Review

A backpack that covers every (organizational) base.

Aer Gym Tote Review

The tote that changed a backpack-fanatic’s mind.

TOM BIHN Techonaut Review

The long awaited update to a TOM BIHN classic.

Outlier F.Cloth Yes Pants Review

Say yes to the Yes Pants.

NOMAD Bifold Wallet Review

A maximum storage option without losing form and style.

NOMAD Card Wallet Plus Review

For those who hate bulky pockets.

NOMAD 20W Power Adapter Review

What if you can charge four times faster with virtually no increase in bulk?

TOM BIHN Le Grand Derriere Review

Get some of that TOM BIHN old-school cool.

Wool&Prince 78/22 Pocket Tee Review

An exceptional tee for travel, with the standard you’ve come to expect from Wool&Prince.

Butter Pat Heather Review

A revival of a 100-year-old cast iron technique.

NOMAD Base Station Review

Wireless charger with, hands down, the best build quality you can find.

TOM BIHN Cafe Bag Review

TOM BIHN’s decades of experience shines in this purpose-designed bag.

Nitecore MH11 Review

A minimalist, simple-to-use flashlight that doesn’t skim on quality.

Alpha Industries M-59 Fishtail Parka Review

Based on a battle-worn classic.

Alpha Industries M-65 Field Jacket Review

An iconic, time-tested design.

TOM BIHN Paragon Backpack Review

For those who prefer a little more simplicity in a crazy world.