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2020 has turned out to be one of the most interesting years of my life. And it certainly has been a life-changing one for many. While travel plans have been abruptly put on hold, efficient packing can still apply.

While I've been working from home for the past two years, I recently moved into a new place and the internet hasn't been set up yet. With a mobile WIFI set, I find myself heading to nearby Starbucks to get shit done. These are short, quick, two-to-three-hour trips, so the list excludes all non-essentials and prioritizes quick mobilization.

Since I own many bags, being able to quickly transfer the contents to other bags is essential. I have developed the habit of emptying the contents of my bags each time I reach home. These are also the same stuff that I use when working from home, so I have to keep the separate components as little as possible.

Packing list rundown:

You'll also notice that I didn't include my everyday carry in these as these will usually be on my body or pockets. They would typically contain stuff like my Aer Cardholder, Keysmart Pro, and Vaer C5 Field Watch.

This list has been designed specifically for short outings and works well because it has everything I need for a day of work. The simplicity of setup is the key.

I hope you can refer to this list when creating your own. My suggestion is to start with the bare minimum and add stuff you need, rather than the other way around.