Logan Paul is Not Banned from Japan

Unfortunately, being an ass isn’t a crime.

Project Scissors: NightCry

From the creator of my favourite horror classic.

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OK Go Didn’t Let Me Down

Their latest sensational video has lots of umbrellas-wielding Japanese schoolgirls.

Sex Dolls By Orient Industries

Your hyper-realistic object of affection.

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Everything you love about it.

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The Art Of Yosegi-zaiku

Beautifully handmade parquetry.

Things I Like About Japan

What’s there not to like?

Hisayoshi Nohara Futon

The best futon in the world.

10 Things Singaporeans Can Do to be More Cultured

Learning a thing or two from the Japanese.


Sealing the deal, the Japanese way

Souvenir Shopping in Japan

Where did all my yen go?

Koshi-Tantan, Shibuya

My favourite izakaya in Tokyo.