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While Hisayoshi Nohara isn't yet a living treasure of Japan, he is the undisputed master of Futon Making. He is the Grand Champion of Futon Making Competition (Insane? I know, right?), and certified “Master of Japanese Craftworks” by Health, Labour and Welfare Ministry of Japan. As the second generation futon maker of the Nohara Bedclothing Store with 38 years of experience, his hand-made futon is considered to be the best in the world.Unlike machine-made futons that are flat, he spreads the cotton in the way that supports the human weight ergonomically which according to him, is 33% thorax, 44% lumbar, 15% foot region and 8% head. Perhaps one of the most intriguing factor for me, is the bespoke element of even something like the futon. Hisayoshi Nohara creates a futon based on each individual customer's lifestyle, height, preferences for hardness, size and thickness, for a truly personal surface to sleep on.

The futons come in different grades and versions, even ones for babies. His website even estimates that the futon can be used for a third of your life, and would cost 9-14 yen per day in that case. A futon, after 3 years would be harder as the layers of cotton gets compacted night after night. But with any good quality product, it can be restored and cleaned by the original shop if necessary.

You can buy the ready made ones here but have to visit his store to get it custom made.

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