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Update The GORUCK 2019 Black Friday Sale is now live and will last till the end of the week. Don't miss out. See the items on sale or scroll down to the bottom for the price list of sale items.

It's that time of the year again, boys. GORUCK Black Friday 2019 sale is finally coming.

GORUCK has some of the best backpacks I've ever tried, and I've definitely tried more than the average backpack enthusiast. Unfortunately, GORUCK has been known to have some pretty pricey (but damn well worth it) bags. I wrote about the different ways you can get a discount with GORUCK bags and while some of the methods are pretty tricky to achieve, there is one event that GORUCK enthusiasts look forward to each year, which is Black Friday.

The GORUCK Black Friday 2019 sale is on the horizon.
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Over the past years, GORUCK has given wannabe ruckers a chance to purchase their backpacks for a relatively low price and in 2019, it's the same. After the price hike across all their backpacks in September 2018, this is a much-needed sale.

Those who are thinking of getting a backpack now might want to hold off for the sale. For those who are thinking of getting a backpack in a specific color, you want to make your purchase as sizes and colors often run out of stock during this season.

GORUCK Black Friday Sale 2019 will likely take place on Thanksgiving Week, which is the 11/25/2019 (Monday) to the 12/01/2019 (Sunday).

As to which specific products will be on sale, let's take a look at last year's sales to get an idea. You'll be glad to know that not just the backpacks, but an assortment of gears will also be on sale.


ProductSale PriceOriginal PriceDiscount
GR1 (Non-Black Colors)$285$39528%
Bullet Ruck (10L)$135$19531%
Padded Field Pocket – Echo (2L)$45$6531%
Padded Field Pocket – GR1 (3L)$55$7527%
Padded Field Pocket – GR2 (4L)$55$7527%
Kit Bag + Shoulder Strap Bundle$145$20529%
Tough Bag$55$9039%
Packing Cube (10L)$39$7044%
Packing Cube (20L)$49$7030%
Sandbags (40 LB)$105$14528%
Sandbags (60 LB)$115$14521%
Sandbags (80 LB)$120$14517%
Wire Dopp$35$4522%
Sternum Strap (Black)$9$1540%
Full Panel Water Bottle Pocket$29$3517%
Mesh Water Bottle Pocket$24$3020%
Padded Hip Belt (Black Only)$49$6018%
Ruck Plates – Expert (20 LB)$70$9526%
Ruck Plates – Expert (30 LB)$75$9521%

In this year's Black Friday, it's still too early to tell which products will go on sale, but it's likely that their main collection, the GR1 (reviewed here) , GR2 (reviewed here) and GR3 as well as their new hero, MACV-1 boots (reviewed here) will have a high chance of going on sale.

As you can tell from previous years' Black Friday, the sale amount is usually about 20-35%, which is pretty significant, since their backpacks can go up to $445!

During this sale, it's also the best time to try out the backpacks, since GORUCK has a generous return policy. And at those prices, the risk of buyer's remorse is extremely low.

Update: 2019

The Black Friday sale has dropped. Here's a list of all the gear on discounts.

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ProductSale PriceOriginal PriceDiscount
GR1 (Made in Vietnam)$265$29510%
GR1 (Made in USA)$295$34514%
GR2 (Made in Vietnam)$295$35516%
GR2 (Made in USA)$345$39512%
Rucker 20L (Made in Vietnam)$125$17528%
Rucker 20L (Made in USA)$175$26534%
Rucker 25L (Made in Vietnam)$135$19530%
Rucker 25L (Made in USA)$175$26534%
Bullet Ruck (Made in Vietnam)$99$12520%
Bullet Ruck (Made in USA)$125$15519%
MACV-1 Black Suede$125$19535%
MACV-1 (GEN 1)$125$19535%
Padded Field Pocket – Echo (2L)$50$6523%
Padded Field Pocket – GR1 (3L)$55$7527%
Padded Field Pocket – GR2 (4L)$65$8523%
Kit Bag$125$16021%
Tough Bag$55$9039%
Packing Cube (10L)$45$7035%
Packing Cube (20L)$65$707%
Filler Bags (20 LB)$14$3584%
Filler Bags (40 LB)$18$3548%
Filler Bags (60 LB)$28$3520%
Sandbags (20 LB)$65$9531%
Sandbags (40 LB)$75$12540%
Monster Dog Leash$15$2540%
Simple Side Pocket$24$3020%

There are also a bunch of apparel on sale, so be sure to check out the full list here.

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