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At a minimum 1000 yen a pop, meals are starting to dig deep into my wallet on my Japan trips. And with all the effort that goes into the presentation, how could one resist splurging on getting fat? I heard of this popular outlet from some of the housemates at the home-stay I was at, who are obviously as into cost-saving measures as I am. About 7 minutes walk from the Nippori JR station, will bring you face-to-face with the saviour of your bank account, Todo, a bento takeout shop. With prices ranging from 300 yen for a full and filling bento to 500 yen to their more “premium” models. The food looks great and tastes above average, but how can one can’t complain.

I’ve probably taken out from Todo 3 times in the past 2 days. Cheap and good are two rarely seen together words and Todo has them.

Todo-7 Todo-2 Todo-4 Todo-6 Todo-3

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