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suntory beer factory (1 of 3)
suntory beer factory (3 of 3)
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After my visit to the Yamazaki factory, I started looking towards other factory visits as a fun, free and drunk way to spend my afternoons. After watching a presentation video on the process of making beer, you would be led on a tour around the factory looking at boring presentation boards. The experience is even worst if you have limited knowledge of Japanese, so you just look at these boards and follow through. Unlike the Yamazaki factory, you weren't allowed to take photos. Not that it matters. You'll only get limited views of the factory doing actual work, most of the process is presented with just pictures.

Probably the only highlight of the tour is the free beer towards the end, which comes fresh from the factory. You get about 15 minutes worth of drinking beer, which you can have up to 3 glasses. Of course, no one keeps count. You get to try the premium malt as well as the normal ones. There are non-alcoholic versions as well as soft drinks for minors. I drank as much as I could during the short time given, and I was barely able to finish 2 and a half glasses. Unlike the Yamazaki factory, there wasn't a bar on the premises for drinking more.

Reserve a spot on the tour here (Japanese only). Remember to arrive slightly earlier, or risk being politely placed on later tour date.

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