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I never thought that there would be a stretch of adult stores in Shibuya, but I should have expected as much since there is a stretch of love hotels in the immediate area. On the TimeOut Tokyo top 5 adult stores to visit is SM C’est Bien.

Descending the dark stairwell through a small door with a red lipstick sign, I was greeted by a not too happy-looking mannequin with spikes and straps around her face. Upon entering, I half-expected to see some vixen in a full leather getup delivering lashes to a handcuffed guy. However, I was met with the equipment to do the deed. Bondage ropes, studded collars, menacing-looking whips. I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end. Look at the size of those…

SM C’est Bien SM C’est Bien SM C’est Bien
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SM C’est Bien SM C’est Bien

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