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I told my friend I wanted to eat something popular, so I was taken to Restaurant Acacia, a short 5 minutes walk from the East entrance of the JR Shinjuku Station. Several plastic models of served dishes in Acacia windows and decorative objects from Central Europe makes the place exudes old English charm. Known for its cabbage-wrapped minced meat patty, this English-styled restaurant reeks of old style English-Japanese fusion.

Seated on the second floor of the small establishment, I realised there wasn’t any windows, sealing you from reality. Time seems to stop and if not for the Japanese waitresses, you might not realize that you are in Shinjuku, one of the busiest districts in Tokyo. I ordered the Pork Cutlet Rice and Minced Meat Cabbage set for ¥1050. If you just want to try it’s famous Minced Meat Cabbage by itself, it’ll only cost you ¥780.

The set consists of a very thick patty of pork cutlet with rice, salad and cabbage-wrapped mince meat patty in some translucent looking rich gravy. The gravy, coupled with the rice is simply heavenly and very well matched by the rough pork cutlet. The portion is rather large and filling even for someone with a big appetite like me. I would recommend anyone to come here in the evenings where you can have a lengthy chat till late in its peaceful atmosphere.

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