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GORUCK, one of my favorite brands and the subject of many reviews on this blog, recently released a trailer for “The Standard”, which is a GORUCK Selection documentary.

Full GORUCK Selection documentary is available on iTunes.

What is GORUCK Selection?

Even though their backpacks like the GORUCK GR1 have cult followings, GORUCK is more than a backpack brand. They are a whole culture of rucking; doing endurance activities carrying heavy backpacks. While GORUCK hosts many events, from beginner-friendly events like GORUCK Light to more trying events like GORUCK Tough.

Out of all these events, GORUCK Selection is the toughest one of them all. It's not just about separating the boys from the men. It's about identifying the true elites.

As the self-proclaimed “toughest endurance event in the world”, the event pays tribute to Special Forces selection. It's hosted by a group of Special Forces combat veterans, where they are actively trying to make you quit. It's 48 hours, 80 miles of grueling physical and mental events. Participants who do not meet the arbitrary standard of the cadres will be dropped at their discretion, thus the name of the documentary.

The event is designed to close the divide between the military and civilians and give them a chance to test their limits while paying tribute to those who served.

Simply put, it's a really, really hard event. So hard, that each year, only one to three people finish the event. Up till last year, out of 486 participants, only 31 of them finished, which makes a 6% finishing rate.

About the Documentary

In 2014, GORUCK has actually previously released a 50-minute documentary about GORUCK Selection, titled “The Story of GORUCK Selection”. You can watch it on Amazon Prime or iTunes.

The 2020 documentary is based on class 19, which is how GORUCK name each Selection event. GORUCK Selection class 21 was the last event completed at the time of this article.

The 2020 GORUCK Selection documentary is titled “The Standard” can be watched on iTunes.

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