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When a multi award-winning trilogy circles a massive adventure around the one ring, that one ring better be kinda special. In March of 1999, came a call from the art direction team of Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings asking if he would make the one ring. 15 prototypes later, the final design for the Ring was chosen. Originally made in over forty different variations to fit the many wearers, the ring is now available to the public in the same make.

Hand-made in the exact same weight and quality of gold, the simple elegance of the ring is a perfect reproduction of what you've seen onscreen in The Fellowship of the Ring™, The Two Towers™, and The Return of the King™. The detail goes down even to NOT include the elvish inscription. This is because the writing that appeared in the movie was actually added in post-production as a computer generated special effect.

The solid gold ring doesn't come cheap, but it is, after all, the One Ring. Get it here.

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