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  • Price $475 at
  • Material Bombtwill (96% nylon, 4% elastane)
  • Fabric Weight 360 gsm
  • Made in Sweden


My love for Outlier clothing began with their classics. The Outlier New Way Shorts or Outlier Ultrafine Merino T-shirts are still what I wear regularly.

But it's their obsession to push the boundaries with experiments that have my attention. Now, let's be realistic. Unless you are an Asian fashionista on Bling Empire, some of these can be pretty otherworldly.

Now and then, comes along a piece that challenges what you are used to and remains somewhat practical for daily use. The Outlier WILLIENORRIS Bombtwill Ojak might be it.

Willie Norris has been the design director at Outlier for the longest time but recently released her collections, such as the 2023 Holiday Capsule of which this jacket is a part of. While she has been designing for Outlier, such capsule collections might be more for a “director's cut” where she gets the final say.

And it shows. The collection has her unique mark, yet still represents the Outlier brand. Norris pushes boundaries through unexpected cuts and bold choices. I will dive into this jacket to tell you more.


It's wild to me that this jacket comes in one size. I usually wear XL for Outlier's jackets and this fits oversized for me (6 ft frame). As they stated, it could very well be a jacket to go on top of a jacket. That said, a petite person could be swimming in this, and pulling it off might require planning.

There is only one color, a “deep ink”. Rather than intentional, it looks like it is just the difficulty of dying Bombtwill to a complete black. Nonetheless, the color is close enough to be considered black and will likely go well as a black outermost layer.

The low armholes, wide sleeves, and single-point closure remind me of a deconstructed kimono. The oversized fit gives it a nonchalant look.

The raw hem feels like a distinct Willie Norris special. It offsets the cleanliness of Bombtwill; I could see the two choices balancing each other out. I think that it sets the piece apart as a special collection piece.

Small touches like the red stitched buttonhole and the patterned hanger loop are the Willie Norris touches that I love.

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Given the lack of structure, this piece can be difficult to style and should be reserved for those with a vested interest in how they look (not me). It can look frumpy depending on how it sits on your body. This is not a jacket for those who prefer a clean look with neat lines.


Outlier has been leveraging Bombtwill across their product line, one of my favorite materials. Bombtwill is a blend of toughness and softness, thanks to its unique construction. Each yarn is made up of hundreds of tiny nylon 6,6 filaments, air-texturized and spun together to create a cotton-like softness. Despite its soft feel, the yarns are thick and heavy-duty, making them perfect for everyday wear.

Having tested it in the Outlier Bombpaints and Outlier Bomb Dungarees, I've found it ideal for cooler seasons, striking a perfect balance between durability and weight.

This fabric, designed as a sturdier version of Strongtwill, boasts a thicker stretch variant for added toughness and density, weighing in at 360gsm compared to Strongtwill's 300gsm.

Despite being such an experimental piece, Outlier doesn't divert from their attention to practical features; the piece comes with Zelan R3 DWR finish, a renewable, non-fluorinated repellent that outlasts traditional options. While the DWR lasts long, eventual replenishment with products like Nikwax Waterproofing may be necessary.

I agree with Outlier's description that it feels like lighter denim.


The jacket works well over a variety of mid and even outer layers. Even with a down jacket on, it fits comfortably over. Although since there isn't much structure, I wouldn't recommend layering it over a down jacket.

The single point to secure the jacket is unorthodox but strangely works, forcing you into an effortless cool.

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There are large pockets on the interior of each side. These are large so not practical for items you want to reach quickly like your phone.

The handwarmer pockets are large and comfortable, but I found them positioned a little high. This could be an aftereffect of the one-size, but I couldn't intuitively slip my hands into them.


It's a unique piece, to say the least. It's not very practical unless you are serious about fashion and/or already have experience with the style. That said, take the risk and the rewards might be greater. This is worth me experimenting with my setups more.

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