As someone who has lived near Shinjuku for over 5 years and a big fan of craft beer, I've searched and searched for the cheapest craft beer in the area. And I've found it but before I tell you where it is, I'll be also introducing some others. I've been to each of these places and can recommend it if you are looking for a good deal.

I've been to all these places to be able to recommend these few to you. Here are some of the not particularly cheap ones that I went to before but don't see a reason to recommend any of these to you. In fact, some of these places, I would advise against going.

Alright, so you just want to see the cheap beers. Here you go.

Cheapest All You Can Drink: SCHMATZ Shinjuku Sanchome

Assuming that you have some free time in the afternoon, the beers at SCHMATZ Shinjuku Sanchome are the cheapest. From the time it opens to 1900 every day, beers are just for ¥350 (regular price is ¥650) for the half-pint size.

And for a sweeter deal, if you come in the afternoons on the weekends, they have a 90 min all you can drink deal for just ¥1500!

Enjoying a pint with my TOM BIHN Synik 30.

My favorite thing about SCHMATZ is that it's quiet in the afternoon and they have WIFI. Probably the best place to get a drink while working on the computer.

Homepage (Japanese only) | See Google Maps

Cheapest Short All You Can Drink: Beer Kobo Shinjuku

Beer Kobo doesn't actually have particularly cheap beer unless you go for their all you can drink. Most of their other outlets offer a really cheap all-you-can-drink deal but in the Shinjuku outlet, it's only available on weekdays.

It's located in the basement of an office building, so you'll probably see a lot of thirsty salaryman.

Here are prices for all-you-can-drink is ¥1000 for 30 mins or ¥1500 for 60 and is available for the following times.

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  • Weekdays 1700-1900 or 2100-2200
  • Sat 1200-2030
  • Sun, PH 1500-2030

Note that the last order is 5 minutes before the end of the 30 mins or 15 mins before the end of the 60 mins, so you should time it that you get your last drink just before last order to slowly enjoy your last glass.

Also, one food order is required per person.

Homepage (Japanese only) | See Google Maps

Cheapest: Vector Beer

Vector Beer is a casual dining place in Shinjuku Sanchome (near Shinjuku Park). It probably serves the cheapest craft beer you can find, not just in Shinjuku, but in Tokyo.

They have about five of their own beers as well as five other beers to choose from.

That's probably the cheapest you can find in not just Shinjuku but in Tokyo. How much?

  • Taster Flight – ¥1000
  • Glass – ¥450
  • Pint – ¥750
  • Amazon Pint (1.5l) – ¥2000

If you come during happy hour, you can get the pint for just ¥500. Happy hour is from 1700-1900 on Mondays to Fridays and 1500-1700 on Sundays. No happy hours on Saturday.

While I love the beer there, they, unfortunately, have a pretty limited food menu and their mains usually include cow's tongue (gyutan), which I'm not a fan of. I like their buffalo wings and french fries though.

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Not much of a food menu, but I love the hot wings here though.

Also, note that like most restaurants, there is a compulsory “appetizer charge” of ¥300 per person here.

The appetizer changes each time and is usually pretty tasty.

See Google Maps


There you go. These are the cheapest craft beer you can drink in Shinjuku. As expected, a lot of these require that you go at special timings for the best price, so plan ahead.

Know a cheaper place? Let me know in the comments below.

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