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  • Price $70 on
  • Dimensions 7.9″ x 9.1″ x 4.3″ / 200 x 230 x 110mm
  • Weight
    • 210 Ballistic: 7.9 oz / 225 g
    • 210 Cerylon: 6.6 oz / 187 g
    • 200 Halcyon: 6.3 oz / 179 g
  • Capacity 4.4 liters / 269 cu. in.


Most like to start the year with a bang, but I prefer to go at an unhurried pace. And the TOM BIHN Rogue Sacoche is the perfect little charmer to help ease me into a new year of reviews.

If you are into bags enough to read these reviews, then the TOM BIHN name must resonate. They have been around for a while and are synonymous with quality, made possible by meticulous craft and top-notch materials.

In case you do not know them, then I will give some assurance. This review will not be an assessment of quality, because it is a given.

TOM BIHN's products are not just US-manufactured, but they are manufactured in-house. It means unequivocal control over the entire process of manufacturing process, which gives birth to not only quality but creativity.

I've used just about every single TOM BIHN product and never once have I been let down by their unwavering quality. In the rare instances that something does happen, TOM BIHN has one of the most remarkable customer service I have ever had the pleasure to deal with.

Simply put, they are a well-respected brand that staunchly stands behind their products. You can expect it.

In this review, I will be taking a look at the Rogue Sacoche in black ballistic 210d. Let's dive in.


Despite my long-standing relationship with TOM BIHN, I have never been one to shy away from critiquing their aesthetics with candor. Their bags look fine but are an obvious departure from the sleekness found in younger brands, like Aer or Able Carry.

TOM BIHN, in its own right, embraces a more classic design ethos, deviating from the prevailing trend toward sleek modernity.

While undoubtedly endearing and comforting to some, it might not be the right style for others, especially if you want to match it with brands like Outlier clothing.

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I do notice a discernable shift in recent years, with bags' styling edging toward the contemporary with younger designers at the design helm.

With the AusAir Airweave Merino Mask, Western Rise Meta Shell, and the TOM BIHN Rogue Sacoche.

The Rogue Sacoche feels like it is a casualty of the transition. I mean, it is hard to do much in such a small bag, but the frumpy form and vague sizing make it unique. So much so that it is hard to pinpoint exactly what kind of style it is going for.

The silver lining is its simplicity. With a lone zip running across the front and practically no other details, it won't single-handedly elevate an outfit but easily blend seamlessly with one. There is a label on the left that I didn't think was necessary. It doesn't stand out too much on the black colorway, so doesn't bother me as much.

The bag is slim when empty, but the strategically placed darted seams allow it to expand out. Even then, it looks compact.

While it definitely gives off some fanny-pack vibes, it doesn't look too small against my 6-foot frame. Its simplicity enables its versatility, appearing equally appealing whether slung to the front, side, or back.

Because of my paranoid nature, I typically position it to the front to deter pickpockets. The minimalistic design and lack of a large brand tag helps keep a low profile, helpful in a foreign land.


The sacoche offers three material options: 210 ballistic, 210 cerylon, and 200 halcyon.

Both ballistic and halcyon have a longstanding presence in TOM BIHN products. Halcyon, distinguished by its lighter weight and checkered pattern, stands in contrast to the more robust and heavier ballistic nylon.

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A relatively recent addition, cerylon is a subtle counterpart to halcyon, sharing similar attributes but with slightly less tear strength and lacking the checkered pattern.

This is how I would go about my selection: Opt for ballistic if you prioritize durability. If you prioritize weight, opt for halcyon, or cerylon depending on if you want the checkered pattern.

However, it is worth noting that the difference in durability or weight between them is negligible and will be unlikely to affect your overall experience.


Internally, four O-rings are affixed to the top—two on each face. The TOM BIHN Key Strap is included as well. As an individual who switches bags more often than Lady Gaga changes her appearance, I find the process of attaching and detaching my EDC accessories to the key strap cumbersome.

The organization is aptly straightforward comprising of three slots; two larger ones sandwiching a pen slot. Without a separate quick-access pocket, the Rogue Sacoche might be somewhat minimalistic for some, but perhaps fitting for others.

The Rogue Saroche‘s size can be deceiving. It adeptly fits my wallet, keys, notebooks (the regular-sized MIDORI Traveler's Notebook fits but with some difficulty to take out), and even a jacket. It is too small for my 12.9-inch iPad Pro. While it may fit a small tablet, the absence of a dedicated tablet slot may complicate retrieving items from the interior compartments.

With the TOM BIHN Rogue Sacoche, Traveler's Notebook, Campus Notebook, AusAir Airweave Merino Mask, and the Sony WF-1000XM4.

It is great that the straps are detachable which lets you use the Rogue Sacoche as a packing cube.

With the TOM BIHN Rogue Sacoche, Traveler's Notebook, Campus Notebook, AusAir Airweave Merino Mask, and the Sony WF-1000XM4.


The Rogue Sacoche might find appeal among those seeking a technical iteration of a purse. However, considering the items I typically carry, I find it lacking in size and a dedicated tablet slot, making the TOM BIHN Le Grande Derriere my preferred choice when reaching for a sling.

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