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Even three weeks before one of my favourite holidays, this post comes a little too late. This isn’t about where to buy a high quality costume, or the right way to make one, but it’s about perfection. It’s about getting the best expertise there, to create the most authentic outfit of our dream invader. Short of getting the original outfit, that is. While there isn’t a best pants or shoes to get, a dark loose pants, with colour matching the movie version and worn work boots should go well with the next few items. So, get your movie versions right, reference photos ready, and order away!


The Hat

YouTube user “thechief6969” creates these authentic looking pre-weathered Freddy fedoras. As you can see from his video, his fedoras are weathered beautifully and scrutinised for accuracy down to the smallest details. PM him on YouTube to order.

The Mask and Left Hand

For amazing details and creepy close-to-movie representation, the best possible mask and left hand skin you can get is made by master mask-maker, James Updegraph of Darkride Studios. The mask (shown right), which comes in three versions is so detailed, and fit so snug and comfortably, that fans swear by the quality despite the high price. I’d say kids will run when they see you in this definitive mask on your way to the most happening halloween party in town. You simply cannot find a better mask out there.

Get them here.


The Glove

For the past 10 years, Christopher Grantner of Razor Gloves has been meticulously hand crafting these gloves, aimed to be as close to the movie version as possible. Using geniune leather and other materials as shown in the movie, Christopher takes it to the next level by even including stainless steel blades as the claws on the gloves, completed with a faux charring effect. With each rivet individually aged and the gloves carefully hand applied to achieve the same worn effect as seen in the movie, you are in for the best possible Freddy gloves on the market. I do hope your club's bouncers appreciates your outfit enough to let you in.

Make sure to keep your movie version consistent and get them here.

The Sweater

With over 30 years of knitting experice, Margaret Olschewski doesn’t just create amazingly accurate Freddy Krueger sweaters, with different ones different versions of the movie, she knits each and every one of them according to your exact measurements. She uses all natural virgin wool, except for 20% synthetic nylon in the red yarn in order to allow for aging, burning or melting to achieve the ultimate Freddy sweater. You'll probably be wearing this a lot, even after Halloween.

Get them here.


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