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When we talk about the usual qualities I need before buying an item, like durability and timelessness of design, one heavily-featured bag keeps popping up in my search, the Filson Original Briefcase.

The rugged yet sophisticated canvas bag has been around for 100 over years and with a 22 ounce twill and fabric oil finish construction, you can tell that it’s made to withstand rain, snow and most of all, the years. The functional insides of the bag, complete with compartments for your manly knacks, are backed with double layer of fabric at the bottom, so you can never be afraid of putting too much stuff in there. And this versatile piece will and can work for every situation you need a bag. You can practically feel assured that the bag would stand the test of time, and can be passed down to your son and then to his son.

I’ve owned this bag for 6 months now and I regret nothing. Able to withstand the harshest of abuse and the hardship of my travels, the bag wears beautifully and is easy to match your clothes with.

The Denim Store in Mandarin Gallery carries stock from time to time, otherwise, get it online here.

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