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I have been counting calories for a while now and I recently decided I wanna get the scale to weigh food to count them better. Okay, I was lying. I saw it when the preview came out and wanted it ever since. The scale sold out in the LDN and NYC store almost immediately, but accessories aren't traditionally as popular in Japan as the other stores, so it was sitting for a while and I got it without any problems.

AWS stands for American Weigh Scales, while Max 700 refers to the maximum amount of weight it can measure. It retails for $36 in NYC and is already costing $109 in StockX at the time of this post. You can get exact the non-Supreme version on Amazon in red, black or silver for just $16.95. Like many of their previous small electronics collaboration like Braun calculators and clocks, they are simply plastering logos on them and suckers like me buy them at 2 times the price.

The non-Supreme version for half the price.

Alright, now back to the Supreme scales. I put in the order at 11am on Saturday for ¥4,860 (about $8 more than the NYC store). At the time of this review, the resale price is about $100 (see the latest price on StockX). This scale is perfect for what I bought it for, to weigh food. It is light and portable. However, since you would not be able to weigh anything over 700g, this would not work for packages.

Looking for a way to access Supreme online stores in a different country? Read this guide for my recommendations on the best free VPNs you can use.

That aside, I like the scale and it is a handy accessory to have and would probably be one of my most used items from Supreme. I had some time so I made a short video about it.

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