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I've been wanting to visit the Osaka Aquarium KAIYUKAN for a while now, but never gotten around to doing it. Firstly, I'm not a zoo/aquarium kinda person. I usually only do so when entertaining friends. But, we were relatively free that day and decided to give it a try. Despite the long queue during a light drizzle, we made it to the ticket counter fast enough.

As expected, cute marine animals are the draw of this attraction. Adorable penguins, cuddly-looking otters and seals were popular with the kawaii-loving Japanese crowd. Even on a weekday, the crowd would probably give you a worse view of the displays than being late at a standing-only rock concert. Even so, I slowly made my way through the different animals, with the jellyfish and the full ceiling-to-floor tanks being my favourite part.

Don't forget to bring your camera.

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