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You might not be one of the many flashlight enthusiasts on Candle Power Forums concerned about lumens or a high CRI or any of the flashlight junkie jargon. (Frankly, I’m not one too). And you might even say, “Dude, it's just a flashlight.” and wonder why I even need a flashlight in Singapore in the first place. But then again, why do you need any of the items in the “Need” list?

While brands like EAGTAC, FourSevens, Maglite and SureFire are some of the top-notch makers that I like, none of it comes close to the McGizmo Haiku. The McGizmo Haiku is a custom-built flashlight by a man named Don McLeish. He is somewhat of a legend among flashlight enthusiasts. His timeless flashlights, like works of art, appreciate in value, especially those that go out of production. While not recommended, aftermarket modifications of the Haiku are very common, including color anodization to suit each person’s style.

While not cheap (about SGD$633 with shipping), know that you have something exquisitely crafted and an item often regarded as the holy grail of flashlights in your everyday-carry arsenal.

You can only order the Haiku through the threads on the forum and claim to own THE “luxury flashlights” on the market.

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