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Weight1.9 lbs (0.86 g)2.4 lbs (1.08 kg)2.8 lbs (1.27 kg)
DimensionHeight: 17” (46 cm)
Width: 12” (30.5 cm)
Depth: 4” (15 cm)
Height: 17.5″ (45 cm)
Width: 12″ (30.5 cm)
Depth: 5.5″ (14 cm)
Height: 18.5” (47 cm)
Width: 12.5” (31.5 cm)
Depth: 7.5” (19 cm)
Capacity12.5 L20 L24 L


A foreign land can render even a seasoned traveler useless. Mundane tasks, like getting somewhere or ordering food, suddenly require effort to get through.

The stress that comes with these challenges can be offset by the assurance of a solid backpack. One that holds necessities, and for some, one's confidence. Having everything you need to get through the day on your back should never be underestimated, and equally, the pack that holds those necessities.

Aer has played that role swimmingly so far. With masterful organization, thoughtful details, and unparalleled style; Aer has only impressed.

I willingly stake my reputation on a few brands, and Aer is one of them. This review won't dive into the quality of the pack. That has already been proven over the years of abuse I put Aer's bags through. Instead, it will look at if the organization makes sense for you.


As a designer by trade, I have always been passionate about aesthetics. But since Aer's products came into my life, that passion has not only endured but flourished.

Simplicity is ironically harder to design. How can you distill something down to its essence, without compromise? Aer serves the answer in the Aer Pro Pack. The all-black backpack is a masterclass in minimalistic design. It has a clean face, contoured by stitches on each corner.

The respect Aer has for details is admirable, with every part, down to the branding and hardware, in black. The black-on-black embossed logo is a thing of understated beauty, but I do wonder if it will fall off one day.

The only tinge of non-black is the Aer logo on one of the shoulder straps.

Compact yet authoritative, the Pro Pack exudes sleekness with its streamlined shape, especially in the slim version. It has not one, but two water exterior water bottle pockets, which blend into the silhouette when not in use.

Snow Peak Titanium 350 Kanpai Bottle in the Aer Pro Pack 24L.

Looking from the top down, one would see a series of zippers that might be the antithesis of the minimalistic design. But I can appreciate how Aer hides them on the face an onlooker would not be able to see. The dedication to keeping it all black helps downplay the mess.

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Aer designed the Pro Pack for the city and office; and has done it well. While it leans towards the formal, its versatility carries it through a spectrum of formality with ease.

My 6-foot frame usually causes me to dismiss packs under 24L, but the 20L was surprisingly proportionate. The Slim, however, was comically small on my body, built on a diet of tonkatsu and ramen.


Cordura's 840D re/cor recycled nylon exterior covers the exterior of the pack. Cordura is the leading company for technical brand fabrics. Under the brand, there are various fabrics and the re/cor fabric is one that I have never seen utilized; Aer themselves mostly use Cordura's ballistic nylon.

With Western Rise Meta Shell, Wool&Prince Lounge Joggers, and the Slim Aer Pro Pack.

Re/cor is a series of fabrics transformed from leftover materials. While Aer does not state the exact re/cor fabric use, I reckon it is the RN66, which is the only one being offered in a range of deniers.

Even on close inspection, I can't tell the difference between recycled and non-recycled 840 denier nylon. Without a full scientific study, even time won't tell if there are discernible differences between the two. Likely, there won't be.


Aer is second to none when it comes to organization. I don't say this lightly; they are better than my favorites, like TOM BIHN or Able Carry which are quite the meisters themselves. The thoughtfulness in the organization is only possible by a company that knows its customers.

Laptop compartment

The laptop compartment features a padded, suspended slot. While laptops these days can take a thud or two to solid ground, the suspended slot lets you care less.

Comfortably fits a 16-inch MacBook Pro and a 12.9-inch iPad Pro with a cover.

Up to two 16-inch Macbook Pros can snuggle into the compartment, although it is too tight a fit if this is your usual setup. There is a lower slot that will allow a laptop and tablet setup to fit comfortably.

I designed a thing.
Responsive image

I found a 100 year old company that would create these heirloom quality canisters for me. They are handmade and will keep your tea leaves, coffee beans or anything that you need dry for years to come.

or read review

Valet pocket

As a naysayer of physical notebooks, I've recently changed my tune and enjoy penning thoughts, although I digitize them later on. The next compartment has a slot perfect for an A5 notebook. While there aren't any pen slots, there are two equal-sized slots that work well to hold any stationary.

Fits my A5-sized Campus Notebook perfectly.

Of course, this slot looks to be designed for laptop accessories. Any power adapter, even a larger one like the NOMAD 130W Power Adapter, will fit well into the slots with cables going into the other.

This is also a great compartment for your passport; one that you can easily reach into the multiple times you need to at the airport.

Main compartment

As a product reviewer, I frequently change backpacks. Rather than moving individual items between packs each time, I have my essentials in one of the Tortuga Outbreaker Packing Cubes.

With one of the Tortuga Packing Cubes and Aer Slim Pouch, in the 24L Aer Pro Pack.

My laptop accessories, such as the NOMAD Power Adapter and the NOMAD Kelvar USB-C Cable, go into the Aer Slim Pouch.

Reserved for when I am not in Japan, I also have the TOTO Travel Handy Washlet in an Able Carry Stash Pouch.

The main compartment is where these pouches go. The 21L would fit these perfectly, but not leave any room for things I pick up along the way. The 24L is perfect for me to stuff a jacket when I get too hot.

With Western Rise Meta Shell, Wool&Prince Lounge Joggers, and the 20L Aer Pro Pack.

The organization in the main compartment is straightforward. There is a slot halfway down along the back of the interior. It works well for a tablet if you somehow need to bring along two laptops and a tablet.

As the slot is along the back, and the zippered opening is along the front, you'll need to shimmy your tablet at an angle and shove through the contents. This proved challenging in the 21L which is stuffed just from my bare essentials.

Across the slot is a small zippered pocket where I have my mobile battery.

Front pocket

The front pocket packs some solid organization. There is a zippered pocket, and within it, lies a key loop and a slot for an AirTag. It is not as hidden as Aer states, since you will notice it the moment you open this pocket.

In front of it, is a narrower mesh slot where I have my Sony WF-1000XM4 in. The wider slot next to it is the perfect size for my AusAir Airweave Merino Mask.

There is a pen slot that fits up to two pens (and a ruler).


It's nice that each organization isn't too restrictive by trying to lock you down into a single type of item. If you don't carry it, then the slot would be useless. Instead, they are generous in size and can fit just about any small accessories, although it won't be a snug fit. This can be a subtle feature in Aer's backpacks but gets my appreciation each time.

With AusAir Airweave Merino Mask, Western Rise Meta Shell, Wool&Prince Lounge Joggers, and the 24L Aer Pro Pack.

On the 20L and 24L, there are four compartments, all accessible from the top. This means that the very similarly-looking zippers are placed side by side.

In the dark, I sometimes open a compartment only to realize that it isn't the one I want. This isn't a big deal, but If Aer can figure out how to tackle this issue without sacrificing cleanliness, count me impressed.

I really appreciate the comfort of the padded handle. However, since I tend to organize my backpacks by hanging them up, I noticed that extended hanging did alter the shape of the handle. It's probably a minor concern for most, but I thought it's worth mentioning.

Padded handle can be malformed by prolonged hanging.

24L vs 20L vs Slim

Assuming you just need 20L, the decision between 24L and 20L comes down to your frame. For someone my size, the 20L could work, but the 24L was a better-balanced proportion.

The 24L felt much more versatile. It accommodated my essentials while leaving room for a jacket or any items I acquired during my travels. On the other hand, the compact 20L perfectly fits my essentials, and a foldable eco bag can account for those moments when I need to carry a bit more.

Left to right: 24L, 21L, and Slim

The Slim is great for those who need the bare minimum—their laptop and accessories. It can be a compact option for those who commute to the office by car.

Left to right: 24L, 21L, and Slim


The crucial question you should ask yourself isn't if the Aer Pro Pack is a good quality bag—it unquestionably does

You should ask yourself if the organization aligns seamlessly with your lifestyle, and not the other way around. That said, Aer probably has a configuration for most lifestyles, so I'm quite sure you'll find one that resonates in Aer's diverse lineup.

Additional Images

With AusAir Airweave Merino Mask, Western Rise Meta Shell, Wool&Prince Lounge Joggers, and the Slim Aer Pro Pack.
With the AusAir Airweave Merino Mask, Western Rise Meta Shell, Wool&Prince Lounge Joggers, and the Slim Aer Pro Pack.
With the Western Rise Meta Shell, Wool&Prince Lounge Joggers, and the 20L Aer Pro Pack.
With the Western Rise Meta Shell, Wool&Prince Lounge Joggers, and the 24L Aer Pro Pack.
With the Western Rise Meta Shell, Wool&Prince Lounge Joggers, and the 24L Aer Pro Pack.
With the Western Rise Meta Shell, Wool&Prince Lounge Joggers, and the 24L Aer Pro Pack.
With the Aer Pro Pack 24L

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