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Owning an iPhone is a funny thing. For a lot of people, the moment a new one comes out on September 9th, your current phone, one that had been a source of joy and productivity, suddenly becomes a source of discontentment. As you watch Tim Cook and his henchmen present the most awesome “new” features, you tell yourself, “I need that”.

My History with iPhones

My first iPhone was an iPhone 3GS, then I got an iPhone 5, then an iPhone 6 Plus. It was when iPhone 7 was released that I decided, that just maybe, I can break my mindless two year cycle of new iPhones. It wasn't easy, since iPhone 7 was the first model that had the FeliCa, the version of NFC used in Japan. This will allow me to travel without my SUICA, I tried to reason to myself. I even made a reservation at the nearby Softbank shop, before cancelling it a week later.

Then, I downsized my plan and kept my iPhone 6 Plus. Now, 3 months after the iPhone 8 and X came out, I am still using the same phone. Of course, buying the new iPhone X did cross my mind, but it was through practicing minimalism over the past year that helped me see what I really needed versus what I wanted. And based on my mobile habits, the iPhone 6 Plus was more than enough to serve my needs the past few years and probably a few more to come.

Due to the recent throttling issue, I was again tempted recently to upgrade my phone when the camera would take more than 10 seconds to activate during my trip to Seoul. But, a slash in battery replacement prices have made me get a battery replacement and continue using my iPhone 6 Plus.

Why This Matters

Apart from the obvious financial savings, you save the time it takes to deliberate, go through the specifications, line up at the store and get new accessories. But more importantly, you save yourself from your impulses. I've done so and I feel somewhat more free from my wants. It helps me rethink whenever I feel like that there is something that I must have. There is absolutely nothing wrong with upgrading or getting a new phone, but if you cannot control your impulse to do so when you don't need it, then there's a potential new year resolution. So, before you push the button on a purchase, slow down and think again. Do you really need it?

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