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The First Luxury Sport Shoes

Founded by Henry Dunker in 1891, the Swedish brand set the stage for one of the most enduring success story from the late industrial revolution. Starting as a tire-manufacturing company, the rich heritage of its past made Tretorn what it is today. In the 1900s, the brand shifted its focus to high-quality athletic shoes and apparel. It was actually their launch of a pressureless tennis ball that solidified their status as the tennis brand of choice. The shoes took on iconic status when Wimbledon players in the ‘70s took to the courts in what was considered the first luxury sport shoes, making them extremely popular with the American youths through the ’80s.

While past its glory days of being the shoe of choice for fervent tennis players, Tretorn still works hard to regain its initial boom by introducing collaborations with names like COMME des GARÇONS and J Crew. A familiar sight on style blogs, the shoe has gained back the share of classic white sneaker-lovers.


The Verdict

I bought a pair from Zappos a year ago and these are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. So comfortable that I didn’t want to take them off. They require no breaking in and is able to withstand harsh urban condiitions. With a simple, classic aethetics, it goes well with almost anything. I would recommend anyone looking for a pair of white sneakers the Tretorn Nylite for its comfort and relatively-low price point. Its also great to know that your shoe has been affirmed by generations of youth culture.

To clean or not to clean?
Some sneaker aficionados schools of thought states that you should never wash your white sneakers, to let its dissheveled state reflect your lifestyle. But there are those who prefer them clean and pristine. If you belong to the latter, heres how you should clean them.

Machine wash them in cold, slow speed. Do not put them in the dryer or risk losing time on them, instead lay out to dry.

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