Less, but better.

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In pursuit of SHADOWS.

After reviewing a bunch of products, I've finally taken the next step and produced my own product. The first is a tea canister that's has been handmade in Japan for over 100 years.
Of course, I've also written a review on it here.

The vital few
over the trivial many.

I created this blog because I was tired of being unsatisfied by subpar goods that don’t meet my expectations. I wanted to only own the absolute minimum pieces of gear to maximise my freedom.

For those who are looking for the same thing, but are consistently disappointed by what is out there. My goal is to act as a sieve to single out the best from the above averages.

At the same time, remembering that no amount of “best” products can give us the adventure we want. It’s within us to make it happen.

I hope my insights have helped you along your journey.

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